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Your own meal assistant.

With so many features at your fingertips, Small Helpings is like having a personal meal assistant.

Weekly Menus

Never again will you need to waste time asking yourself “What should we have to eat?”  Every week you will receive 5 days of delicious menus including breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

The menus are tailored to help you give your kids the healthy nutrition they need whether they are just learning to eat solid foods or they are older more finicky kids.  Small Helpings will help your kids develop a lifetime of healthy eating habits.  Most importantly, the meals are sure to be loved by the entire family including mommy and daddy.

Every Thursday you will be sent an entire weeks worth of menus.  You can make any changes you like and have plenty of time to shop through the weekend.  Don’t worry, you will be able to reference the menus and make changes throughout the week at anytime!

What’s more, the menus can be customized to the number of mouths you will be feeding at each meal.  For example, you can set your preferences for four people who eat breakfast but only two for lunch.  Feeding an army of kids for dinner on Friday night?  No problem, you can change your settings for one meal or an entire week.  You also have the ability to change meals based on your family’s tastes.

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