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Category: Sleeping and Eating

Tornado Sustenance

by bkhoury on March 22, 2012

The other night we had the adventure of camping out in our basement while a tornado blew over. I had just finished making dinner and the boys were outside enjoying an unseasonably warm sunny day playing with their dad. Suddenly the temperature dropped drastically and the tornado sirens started blaring. We hustled everyone and the dog down to our tornado shelter. Then, as if on cue, everyone started shouting, “Mommy, I’m hungry, I’m hungry.” And then the electricity went out. Read More

Post Nap Grumpies

by bkhoury on December 15, 2011

Recently my three year old son – my “challenging” one’’—woke up from an amazing two hour nap. At this age sometimes he needs one, and sometimes he doesn’t (although mommy always needs him to take one). Most often the question truthfully is not really “Does he need one?” but “Will he take one?” Read More

Time Change Trouble

by bkhoury on December 08, 2011

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but we are still not fully recovered from the “fall back” time change. Our new wake-up time until just recently has been 5am. This has sent our schedule into a tailspin. Hunter, our two year old, wants to eat lunch at 11. I know that one of the fundamental ways to get the body clock set right is to change meal times. I compromise by letting him have a very light snack (unless I’m exhausted I may give into a more substantial carb-laden nibble). School pick-up time for my other son is noon, and the exhausted Hunter will be sawing logs by the time we make the five minute trek to the school. Read More

Tired, Hungry and Fat?

by bkhoury on September 15, 2011

This past week we embarked on another family trip. The only direct flight was at a horrifying 6:55 am and it was over three hours. After our last flight I had given up any pretences that my two angels would settle in for a nice nap. The boys are at the age where flying is actually exciting. Will is especially enamored with the lavatory (but I digress). When we landed we then had a four hour drive to our destination (a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere where I grew up). Needless to say, the boys were more than tired. Read More

The Sleep Eat Connection

by bkhoury on January 28, 2011

As my kids moved from pureed food to solid food, it was really important to make sure their tummies were filled to the brim. This meant they would sleep through the night and oh how I value my sleep. With my 15 month old, I still make sure he has a full tummy at every meal because it means restful naps, which means happy Hunter after naps, which means happy mommy, which means happy dinner time and happy sleep time (until 7 on a good day)... And the circle continues. Read More

The Simple Life

by bkhoury on April 25, 2010

I haven’t shared much of the details of our life for the past six months because we have been in a state of flux. But here is goes. Six months ago with our house on the market, and as we saw real estate prices literally plummeting around us, we decided to rent our home. Unfortunately, this left us mildly homeless. I say mildly, because we were lucky enough to have a vacant fully furnished family home available for us to live in. The one downside? The house is outside (15 miles) the village I grew up in... when I say village we’re talking 250 people here. This was meant to be a short stop over --two months tops, but here we are six months later. Read More

Early Morning Wake Up Calls

by bkhoury on July 23, 2009

This past week Will decided to start blessing us with his presence at 5:30 am! He has been such a good sleeper, going to bed between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. and sleeping until 7:00 or even 7:15 in the morning if we are lucky. (I think I may have jinxed the good behavior by bragging to my friend Jen about his fabulous sleep habits).

Read More

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