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Category: Feeding Tips

Boo! Halloween Candy Strategies (by Jennifer Davis)

by bkhoury on October 25, 2012

It’s coming. Are you ready? In just a few short days our little ghosts and goblins are going to come running home, eyes glazed over in a sugar-induced high, and shout in amazement, “Mom, look at all this candy!” Read More

Teaching Children to Combat Instant Gratification

by bkhoury on October 11, 2012

You know the routine. The phone rings and suddenly chaos breaks out in the house throwing any appearance that I might actually have my kids under control out the window. Or contending with dinner-time fits as a sudden burst of hunger engulfs little tummies unable to hold it together while dinner is prepared. We are a society of instant gratification. First call. No answer? E-mail. Text. Call again. Is this demanding (to be polite) behavior being passed on to the next generation? Read More

Flavor Embrace

by bkhoury on October 04, 2012

One of my favorite things to do is see how my kids respond to new flavors. I’m not sure why I get such a kick out of it, but it delights me to no end when Will comes home from school raving about how much he loves salad (apparently they had salad for snack –yes I love his school!). Or when something initially seems slightly spicy and he nibbles a bite, takes a big gulp of milk, and then nibbles more, becoming use to the tanginess and craving more of it. Read More

Mommy I’m SO Hungry!

by bkhoury on September 27, 2012

I’m not sure if it is the changing weather and the natural urge to eat more, or if going to pre-school is tiring the boys out more. Regardless, lately, I have heard a lot of “Mommy, I’m sooo hungry!”. Read More

Lunchbox Tips

by bkhoury on September 06, 2012

Think outside the bread: Everyone needs a change from the classic sandwich once in a while. We love to do dips and crackers. Dips can be protein packed and delicious. Try our white bean and rosemary spread or our black bean dip with homemade corn chips. We also love putting in protein packed salads. Try our tropical chicken or other salads using grains such as quinoa. Read More

Tips From Our Readers: How To Encourage Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

by bkhoury on June 28, 2012

We received so many wonderful suggestions to encourage your kids to eat vegetables that we had to share! We are so excited that all our subscribers are finding success with the veggies! Read More

Just Desserts

by bkhoury on May 17, 2012

Lately I have tried to limit the concept of dessert in our house. Not because I’m opposed to it in any way. It simply drives me crazy to have the entire meal focused on it. Will and Hunter increase their outrageous antics to reach that Holy Grail of dessert! Desserts in our house are pretty lame anyway, generally consisting of fresh fruit, yogurt or occasionally some ice cream. It doesn’t matter if I’m offering up a plain ol’ apple though, call it dessert and our entire meal is focused on the silly apple. So when I made the mistake of dangling the prospect of blueberry sherbet in front of the boys I had no idea Will would show his true colors. Read More

Take A Deep Breath. Repeat Three Times: It is just a phase. It is just a phase. It is just a phase.

by bkhoury on April 27, 2012

I felt for a while that I have been a dreadful parent when it comes to the enforcement of table manners. To be honest I have just been so happy that, for the most part, my boys are such great eaters. I haven’t really cared how they get the food from plate to mouth. And the stares I have received from time to time from people in my extended family, have confirmed I am clearly an unworthy mother when it comes to this arena. Read More

Tip #6: How to Get Your Kids to Eat Meat—Resort to Desperate Mind Games

by bkhoury on April 19, 2012

I served up this week’s delicious recipe of steak with sweet chili sauce. Two year old, Hunter took one look and threw his usual fit (see previous blog). I think he was milking it because daddy was home, but he really let loose this time. I’m sure the neighbors thought something sinister was going on with the screeches coming from our house. I stuck to my guns and did my usual “Hunter you don’t have to eat it.” I think at this point this routine is ticking him off because lately he’s been screaming even more when I say this. Read More

Five Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Meat

by bkhoury on April 12, 2012

When talking to caregivers about their feeding concerns, one of the biggest problems I hear is, “My kids won’t eat meat”. If you decide to go veg this may not be a problem (but presents an entirely different test). For most parents though, getting high quality protein through meat is a challenge. Whether your child is 14 months or 14 years, I’ve outlined a few tips to help encourage your kids to gobble up protein! Read More

I LOVE Asparagus

by bkhoury on March 15, 2012

I haven’t purchased asparagus since the hazy days of summer. My kids loved it when I would throw the spears on the grill with some olive oil and sea salt. But the other day there was a small batch of fresh asparagus in the market. My spring fever is running hot. I snatched up a couple bunches and brought them home for asparagus soup and everything else I could put it in. Read More

Performance Art at the Table

by bkhoury on March 01, 2012

My two year old has a dinner table M.O. that is quickly becoming tiresome. When we come to the dinner table he promptly looks at whatever we may be having, and puts on a performance worthy of an Oscar. He puts his hands on his head and proclaims in his most dramatic voice, “NO, I don’t want that either!”

Read More

Out With the Sippy Cups

by bkhoury on February 16, 2012

When Will was a baby, we lived around the corner from Land of Nod and I got sucked into purchasing a $21.00 sippy cup. This was during the BPA scare before the chemical was taken out of most plastics for children. When that one leaked all over and, by the way, also contained at least 10 parts which felt like you needed an engineering degree to put together, I moved onto a similar yet, still expensive contraption. That one was equally disappointing. By kid number two we were on to the two for 5 bucks models. It feels like we have tried them all in the quest for the leak proof sippy cup (which I have yet to find). I’m pretty sure all that money would have been better spent towards our kid’s college fund. Read More

The Spice of Life

by bkhoury on January 19, 2012

Over the holidays we had a wonderful family ski trip. Of course after a long day on the slopes the chips and salsa came out as everyone made their way home and congregated in the kitchen. Hunter and Will, along with their 18 month old cousin, loved being the center of attention of their extended family. And they also loved this phenomenon of chips appearing prior to dinnertime. Hunter was sitting at the kitchen bar next to his much revered uncle munching on chips and decided to have some “dip” just like Uncle Neil. Of course this wasn’t the mild stuff I’ve taken to purchasing post kids. This salsa had a little spice. Read More

Mommy Comforter

by bkhoury on January 05, 2012

There are certain inalienable laws of parenthood. If your baby sleeps through the night you don’t tell a single soul lest the next night they will keep your smugness in check by waking you up at least three times. And you most certainly don’t discuss the stomach flu in a silly blog as the stomach monsters will be smiling down on you seeking their reprisal. Read More

Giving The Gift of Food

by bkhoury on December 22, 2011

As we prepare to travel over the holidays, we decided to celebrate the “coming of Santa” a little early this year. And yes, it was the best year yet with my three year old in awe over the fact that he timidly had asked Santa just a few weeks prior for a train roundhouse and some troublesome trucks. (Ryan and I both expressed slight relief that our son when confronted with a strange guy in a red suit found him creepy enough to have major reservations about getting too close.) And when Santa came, he actually LEFT them under the tree (thank you grandma and grandpa). Read More

Post Nap Grumpies

by bkhoury on December 15, 2011

Recently my three year old son – my “challenging” one’’—woke up from an amazing two hour nap. At this age sometimes he needs one, and sometimes he doesn’t (although mommy always needs him to take one). Most often the question truthfully is not really “Does he need one?” but “Will he take one?” Read More

Time Change Trouble

by bkhoury on December 08, 2011

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but we are still not fully recovered from the “fall back” time change. Our new wake-up time until just recently has been 5am. This has sent our schedule into a tailspin. Hunter, our two year old, wants to eat lunch at 11. I know that one of the fundamental ways to get the body clock set right is to change meal times. I compromise by letting him have a very light snack (unless I’m exhausted I may give into a more substantial carb-laden nibble). School pick-up time for my other son is noon, and the exhausted Hunter will be sawing logs by the time we make the five minute trek to the school. Read More

The Great Negotiation

by bkhoury on December 01, 2011

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This year it feels like the table wasn’t even cleared before the Christmas craziness kicked in. Will has finally reached the age where I can lord over him the fact that Santa doesn’t bring toys to naughty boys and he had better be good. I do admit I feel a tinge of guilt propagating this fantasy.

Despite my lectures about everything we have to be thankful about, the boys didn’t quite get Thanksgiving other than the fact that it was a party where there is “fire” on the table and they get to eat pie! Oh and did Will eat pie. He has also reached the age where dessert has taken on a new importance in his life. And as a mom, I have shamefully taken full advantage of this fact. Read More

Got Boys? Solutions to Fill Them Up. (by Jennifer Davis)

by bkhoury on November 09, 2011

It never fails. Whenever I pick up my son from a friend’s house, the first comment I get is “I can’t imagine what your grocery bill is. That kid can EAT!” It’s true, I’m raising a serious chowhound. Read More

Three things you learned in college to survive family meals (by Jennifer Davis)

by bkhoury on October 19, 2011

By now, we are all familiar with the statistics touting the benefits of the family meal. Studies show that families who make a habit of eating dinner together have kids who do better in school, have higher self esteem, stay away from drugs, make their beds without having to be asked and floss regularly. I exaggerate, but only a little --eating dinner together is important. Read More

Power to the (Little) People by Jennifer Davis

by bkhoury on October 05, 2011

When I was a kid, my younger brother went through a phase of only eating broccoli if it was doused in A-1 steak sauce. While the thought of that brown, soggy broccoli still turns my stomach today, I realized that there’s a lesson to be learned here: giving kids a little bit of freedom with their food can make a huge difference at meal time.

Read More

Sell It Baby! By Jennifer Davis

by bkhoury on September 21, 2011

When I left my job in public relations several years ago, I thought my skills in marketing and persuasion would be tucked away never to be used again, much like my dry clean only wardrobe and nice shoes. Little did I know that motherhood would offer me daily opportunities to put my talents to use. Read More

Lunchbox solutions from the kitchen of Jennifer Davis

by bkhoury on September 01, 2011

The joy of sending my two (not so) little ones off to school last week was quickly tempered by the fact that I now have to face nine months of packing school lunches. I also got a charming request from my first grader: no repeat lunches. It went something like this: “Think about it, mom. This way, I can eat the rainbow of healthy food you’re always talking about and you can brush up on your cooking skills!” Um, yeah. Thanks kid. Read More

Snack Attack

by bkhoury on August 25, 2011

Recently my friend commented, “I just can’t believe how much the boys eat!” Honestly, I am still amazed at the amount of food my two garbage disposals are able to put down. Except, that is, for dinner --when the boys have had too much of a good thing for their afternoon snack. Read More

Animal Instincts

by bkhoury on August 18, 2011

Earlier in the summer when we visited the Grandparents, we took our very spoiled “1st born” dog, Millie, along. She is such a princess puppy that she is even a picky eater. I have never had a dog be a picky eater and it drives me crazy. Especially because I know deep down that I created this prima donna by feeding her home-cooked, organic dog food the first few years of her life – until we had kids and then it was kibble du jour for poor Millie. My in-laws have two dogs that Millie must compete with for food, attention and doggie territory rights.

My point to all this doggie talk is when Millie had to compete for her food she was no longer a picky eater. She would devour every bite of that dog food and swipe the other dog’s dinner as well. I have NEVER seen this pup eat like that. The other morning I noticed the EXACT same phenomenon with the two boys!
Read More

Bite sized

by bkhoury on August 04, 2011

As Hunter starts to get a little older (and more independent), I find myself becoming not lazy exactly, but a little loosy goosy about how I serve his food. For example, I might try to give him an entire slice of toast or bagel to eat. Or an entire chicken tender to bite. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “The kid should learn how to bite off a simple piece of bagel for heaven’s sake.” Read More

The Dinner Dance

by bkhoury on July 27, 2011

My 1 ½ year old has recently discovered FREEDOM when sitting down to eat a meal. He has started climbing down from his chair, taking a bite of food, doing a dance, and climbing back up into his chair making sure he somehow rubs his hands or face all over my clothes before beginning the process again. Read More

Mommy See, Mommy Do

by bkhoury on June 30, 2011

Yesterday we were enjoying a beautiful afternoon in the backyard. We had the baby pool with it’s ice cold water filled up, the hose on full speed and the unsteady blow-up slide positioned just so. Will, always so helpful, was in charge of the hose. I was multi-tasking on my iphone while keeping one eye on the boys. And then the tri-fecta happened. I answered a call, Will sprayed Hunter full-on with water and mommy had a blow up, resulting in Will immediately being sent to time-out. Read More

Pizza Pizza!

by bkhoury on June 09, 2011

As you can imagine, given my profession, my kids experience a wide variety of foods. They are after all my numero uno taste testers. If it doesn’t pass muster with them, it doesn’t get shared with you. So when we unwittingly fell into the “sameness” trap I was taken aback at the intensity of rebellion. Read More

The Stand-Off

by bkhoury on May 26, 2011

Ah kids. This morning I discovered our ice-maker wasn’t working. After further investigation, the culprit ended up being a golf ball lodged way up in the place where the ice is supposed to be coming out. Hmmm… must have been my husband. How much would you pay to know just exactly what is going through your kid’s minds?

Read More

Pasta Detox

by bkhoury on March 10, 2011

The past few weeks have been madness around here. And with that, I found myself leaning on pasta for lunches and dinners. We’ve had a babysitter transition and I started fixing a healthy pasta dish in the morning that she could easily feed the kids for lunch. (Until the sitter became accustomed to our schedules while juggling two boys) At least I knew the kids would have full tummies while they were getting comfortable with a new person in their lives. Read More

Don’t Rush Me Mommy

by bkhoury on February 17, 2011

My younger son Hunter has surprisingly large hands for a little man. I mean at 6 months he could palm a small ball! Even today when he holds my hand I feel like I’m holding my 3 year olds hand. Because of this, he had less fine motor skills as he began eating solid foods. He was also slower to eat solid foods than my first son. Read More

Rejecting Milk

by bkhoury on December 27, 2010

As babies turn into toddlers moving onto cow’s milk is a big eating mile stone for parents and their children. Unfortunately, I never hear from any of my mommy friends that their children LOVE milk the first time it is introduced. Most of my friend’s kids initially disliked it A LOT. First the poor little ones have to give up the comfort of the bottle or breast in exchange for the often unsatisfying sippy cup. Then they have this unfamiliar foreign liquid pushed at them. So what’s a parent to do? Read More

The Other Ending

by bkhoury on December 13, 2010

I swear potty training is going to be the death of me. It is the thing I like the least about motherhood thus far. I will not share the details as I’m sure those who have been through it do not want to re-live the pleasantries. And those who haven’t been through it, well, I’m sure you will be better at it than I am! Read More

Taste Tests

by bkhoury on August 12, 2010

We are going through a naked faze in our family! (At least I hope it’s a faze!) Suddenly shirts, shoes, pants and diapers have all become unnecessary requirements to get through the day. I put in the effort to dress Will but then as he starts his day the clothes come off faster than a blink of an eye. I think this is called practicing a new found skill... and he’s getting really good at it! Read More

Introducing Shell Fish

by bkhoury on July 07, 2010

Fish has been a staple in our little one’s diets. Kids love the soft texture. I love the healthy benefits and the ease of preparation. So as summer comes, it seems only fitting to expand their sea faring repertoire of good eats with crab, lobster and shrimp on virtually every menu! Read More

Snack Creep and Honoring Kids Hunger

by bkhoury on May 22, 2010

William has officially entered the stage where persnicketiness reigns when it comes to meal times. If the food is chopped up to his displeasure or isn’t sitting on the plate just right, then up comes the hand in dismay. He only threw his meal on the floor once and soon found out that was a mistake resulting in a long time-out. But the use of the word NO is still used extensively. I know, it is good that he is expressing himself! Read More

Feeding the Strong Willed Child

by bkhoury on March 21, 2010

Our son, although brilliant (or course), is not the most articulate child for his age. So we had him evaluated to make sure that nothing was developmentally wrong. He is ok, but the speech therapist determined that “I think he is extremely strong-willed.” So basically, the bigger deal we make out of him not talking, the more he digs in his heals. It started me thinking how this can affect many behaviors including eating.
Read More

Out With The Resolutions!

by bkhoury on January 20, 2010

So it is mid-January and once again I made all the cliche resolutions to myself. Get in better shape, eat healthy, spend wisely. I was thinking, isn't it better to focus on the little impacts you can make day to day? The best way I have found to do that is simply organization. When it comes to feeding kids (old and young alike) there are a few things I have found to help me-- especially now that I am even more pressed for time. Read More

Holiday Cheer

by bkhoury on December 27, 2009

As the Holiday season winds down, I cringe a bit at the food that has entered my child’s mouth like the ENTIRE piece of pumpkin pie Grandma fed William. “It’s OK,” she said “It’s pumpkin!” (she didn’t have to deal with the ensuing sugar high that followed) Read More

The Magic Fork

by bkhoury on September 17, 2009

This week we discovered what has become known as the magic fork in our house. Aaaahhh (Harp music)! We graduated Will to a big boy stainless fork.

He will eat virtually anything we place in front of him as long as he can poke it with his fork! Put a piece of potato in front of the boy and he turns up his nose. Place it on his fork and he gobbles it down.
Read More

Rejecting Vegetables

by bkhoury on July 31, 2009

I was thinking back to when William ate only baby food and how pureed carrots were as sweet as candy for him. I'm hesitant to mention this, but I'm very lucky in that he absolutely still loves almost all vegetables. If I give him a cheese and spinach pizza, he will pick off the spinach first. Is my child just weird? Read More

Early Morning Wake Up Calls

by bkhoury on July 23, 2009

This past week Will decided to start blessing us with his presence at 5:30 am! He has been such a good sleeper, going to bed between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. and sleeping until 7:00 or even 7:15 in the morning if we are lucky. (I think I may have jinxed the good behavior by bragging to my friend Jen about his fabulous sleep habits).

Read More

Trying New Foods

by bkhoury on July 16, 2009

Getting your child to try all these new tastes and textures can be challenging at times. I swear sometimes William literally looks at me like I am nuts for serving him something. The other day I made some brownies and offered him a little bite. He must have thought I was trying to serve him dirt! So here are a couple strategies I use.
Read More

Summer Travel Tips

by bkhoury on June 19, 2009

Remember when you could go to a restaurant and actually eat your food? When traveling, you have days and days of eating out. So how to survive? We recently got back from a five day trip and I need a vacation from my vacation! After a few break downs (William, not me thankfully) and a miserable plane ride home, of course I came up with a few tips for this new way of life. I hope you can learn from my mistakes! Read More

Encouraging Your Child to Eat Meat

by bkhoury on June 02, 2009

After struggling all this time, I finally had a break through with William these past few weeks. He started gobbling up meat! Ok, so I “doctored” it up a little bit, but we’ve come a long way from the immediate throwing it on the floor rejection scenario. At his 12 month well visit he was border line anemic, so getting enough iron in him through meat has been in the back of my mind a lot. Read More

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