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Tornado Sustenance

by bkhoury on March 22, 2012

The other night we had the adventure of camping out in our basement while a tornado blew over. I had just finished making dinner and the boys were outside enjoying an unseasonably warm sunny day playing with their dad.  Suddenly the temperature dropped drastically and the tornado sirens started blaring. We hustled everyone and the dog down to our tornado shelter. Then, as if on cue, everyone started shouting, “Mommy, I’m hungry, I’m hungry.” And then the electricity went out.

Fortunately, after all the horrible tornados across the country recently, I was somewhat prepared with flashlights tucked away in our “tornado closet.”  The cries of hunger continued, so I made my fearless husband go upstairs and plate up dinner for everyone.  After about 10 trips up and down the stairs, and a good workout, we actually had a lovely dinner by flashlight.  Veal scaloppini, orzo and grated zucchini. 

Ryan valiantly lectured everyone more than once, “Ok, this is an emergency. Conserve your energy and eat a lot.”  (I guess that is what you say in these trying situations??)

I’m not sure if it was daddy’s lecture, if the food was particularly good (I thought so), if the boys were genuinely hungry after a day running around outside, or if it was the novelty of eating on the floor of a closet in the dark.  Whatever it was, there wasn’t a morsel left.

The sirens continued to intermittently go off and my tired, full little boys nestled up on the floor and fell asleep, flashlights in hand.  I now realize that I need to work on my tornado stash and add some better survival snacks – like chips, salsa and beer.  You know, in the name of “conserving energy”. 

  • Hey always make the best of the situation! Funny!

    By Anna on March 22, 2012 at 10:25 PM
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