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Tips From Our Readers: How To Encourage Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

by bkhoury on June 28, 2012

We received so many wonderful suggestions to encourage your kids to eat vegetables that we had to share!  We are so excited that all our subscribers are finding success with the veggies!
Reserve the vegetables and serve them at the next meal (even in the morning). I have done this with so many foods, not just vegetables.  It is shocking how kids will reject a food and then gobble it down at the very next meal. Vindication!
Take the kids to the market and let them choose which vegetable they would like to eat. This worked just yesterday while we were at the local farmers market. Will couldn’t wait to bite into a big juicy tomato (and he isn’t always a huge tomato fan). 
Give kids the responsibility of growing their own plant. This is really about empowerment. We talk about it a lot. Let your kids think they have control, and watch them try so many new foods. Plus growing plants is fun for adults and kids!
Make a rule that you take as many bites of something on your plate as your age. Love it! We bet a younger sibling could be cajoled into taking as many as their older sibling so they can be big too.
Put some cheese on the vegetables! Cheese glorious cheese! Need we say more? We are partial to Parmesan, cheddar, feta, and even goat cheese. Ok, pretty much all of them.
Throw them in stir-fries.  Stir-fries loaded up with vegetables is an almost guaranteed way to get kids to have a taste. There really isn’t anything else for them to eat! We have been known to make the rice or noodles the “second” course so as to not distract from the main attraction.
Make them yummy by sautéing them.  With a little olive oil and a smidge of seasoning almost as good as grilled.  You can almost always have vegetables on the table in less then five minutes with this cooking method. 
Grate your veggies into lots of different foods.  This is a fantastic way to get a little more vegetables into tummies. Especially for smaller children who may find the texture of vegetables difficult to muster. 
Eat them raw. Once kids reach a certain age, they can handle raw vegetables and mmmm do they taste good.  Mine like “crunchy carrots” especially with hummus.
Set a good example and eat your vegetables with them! We could all use more vegetables in our diets and this is sometimes the hardest thing to do. If we eat healthy so will our kids!

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