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Tip #6: How to Get Your Kids to Eat Meat—Resort to Desperate Mind Games

by bkhoury on April 19, 2012

I served up this week’s delicious recipe of steak with sweet chili sauce. Two year old, Hunter took one look and threw his usual fit (see previous blog).  I think he was milking it because daddy was home, but he really let loose this time. I’m sure the neighbors thought something sinister was going on with the screeches coming from our house.  I stuck to my guns and did my usual “Hunter you don’t have to eat it.”  I think at this point this routine is ticking him off because lately he’s been screaming even more when I say this. 

So, I resorted to mind games.  Our beloved uncle Neil is a larger than life character in our home, both figuratively and literally. He does cool things like send the boys completely age inappropriate rockets and drives them around in his boat. He is tall and imposing, so we always say, “If you want to grow up big like Uncle Neil (aka Uncle Boat) you need to eat your meat and vegetables.”

Now that I’m writing this statement I see how “Leave It to Beaver” that sounds.  Anyway, it worked! Ryan and I continued our ignoring tactic while Hunter was pouting, exhausted from the extreme effort of his tantrum. 

Then he said, “I want to be tall.”  He started gobbling down the steak and asked for more. And then he said, “Please pass the salad.” 

I picked my jaw up off the table, trying to conceal my giggles of delight and let him scoop up all the salad he wanted. I mean even he knows that steak goes great with salad.

Now when he goes into the bathroom and can reach the light he says, “I ate my meat.”  As though growing is an instantaneous response. When he can’t reach the faucet he says, “I need to eat more meat and vegetables.”  Such a wise little man. 

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