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The Stand-Off

by bkhoury on May 26, 2011

Ah kids.  This morning I discovered our ice-maker wasn’t working.  After further investigation, the culprit ended up being a golf ball lodged way up in the place where the ice is supposed to be coming out.  Hmmm…  must have been my husband.  How much would you pay to know just exactly what is going through your kid’s minds?

The other day Will was having one of those fits all parents, I’m sure, have experienced.  I had made some delicious noodles.  Will eats pretty much anything containing noodles.  Except this day.  They were shaped differently so clearly they were throwing him off.  We all know how kids like THE SAME THINGS. 

It was the weekend. My husband and I were catching up on the week’s events over lunch.  After cajoling, bribing, and veiled threats, we frankly gave up.  We said, “fine, you don’t have to eat it” and went on talking, trying to enjoy each other’s conversation over the incessant screaming.  Soon we realized it was oddly peaceful.  We looked over and guess who was gobbling down the noodles?  In his most angelic way Will said, “Mommy these are good.” 

I have said many times in this blog “don’t create a stand-off,” “keep it breezy.”  And yet, it is the most natural (and logical) thing for us parents to do.  Do this, get this.  Action, reward.  We are after all the parent.  It is our responsibility to DO SOMETHING.  So my take away is: for Pete’s sake just give the kid some space once in a while.  Not creating a stand-off sometimes means simply backing off.  Until I find another golf ball in the ice-maker that is!

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