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The Simple Life

by bkhoury on April 25, 2010

I haven’t shared much of the details of our life for the past six months because we have been in a state of flux.  But here is goes.  Six months ago with our house on the market, and as we saw real estate prices literally plummeting around us, we decided to rent our home.  Unfortunately, this left us mildly homeless.  I say mildly, because we were lucky enough to have a vacant fully furnished family home available for us to live in.  The one downside?  The house is outside (15 miles) the village I grew up in… when I say village we’re talking 250 people here.  This was meant to be a short stop over—two months tops, but here we are six months later. 

I of course took small town life in stride.  My husband however was a fish out of water.  “I can’t believe you grew up in the middle of nowhere.  And I can’t believe I ever met you in New York of all places!” 

Anyway, I had to provide you some back story as yesterday a group of ladies from the village-who are everyone’s surrogate mother’s by the way- held a baby shower for my expectant cousin, Angie.  Angie has not lived anywhere near Hayes Center since high school, but this is what you do for kids who grew up in Hayes Center.  Angie now lives in Boston and being in her final weeks of pregnancy, was unable to attend her own shower.  So not to be deterred, the ladies decided to have a Skype shower.

I thought it was so wonderful to have my 90 year old grandmother and people my mom’s age embracing technology…sitting in the middle of a tiny village Skyping someone in Boston.  It was truly touching and we all had a wonderful time on our side of the computer—although I’m not sure Angie had as much fun “attending” her shower while watching us all carry on.

After the shower, we headed up to the local tavern / only restaurant in town / village living room called Bull’s.  It’s a family place with kids of all ages running around, untethered.  Everyone has known everyone for decades and everyone has known everyone’s parents for decades.  The tables are all lined up in one big row.  You sit at a long table like a very large family dinner table. One cute little boy had no shoes on and another baby lay in his mother’s arms asleep.  A two year old ran up and down the bar trying to elicit any attention he could from a willing participant.  My kids were at home asleep with their father, but I couldn’t help but take a step back. 

For me it was a reminder to keep it simple.  Not worried about their kids getting lost, a missed bedtime or a less than nutritious meal, these parents and kids felt like they were at a large family gathering.  These kids aren’t “schooled” in the harsh world outside their safe reality of an entire village as their extended family.  Maybe next time I’ll break my own rules of a strict 7:00 bedtime and take my kids to join the family celebration too.

  • Oh my gosh .We had so much fun with these wondereful vedrons and making memories of us.  We couldn’t have asked for more touching gorgeous pictures.  We were married at Log Haven on Saturday and can’t wait to see how all the pictures came out.  Thanks for sharing our special moments with couples planning the best day of their lives .Hope you are all inspired.Katie and Robert

    By Auth on September 24, 2012 at 05:57 AM
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