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The Magic Fork

by bkhoury on September 17, 2009

This week we discovered what has become known as the magic fork in our house.  Aaaahhh (Harp music)!  We graduated Will to a big boy stainless fork. 

He will eat virtually anything we place in front of him as long as he can poke it with his fork!  Put a piece of potato in front of the boy and he turns up his nose.  Place it on his fork and he gobbles it down.

I think this is an interesting idea in that it proves what a mind game this whole eating thing really is for babies and toddlers.  (Come to think of it eating is a mind game for many of us mommies too isn’t it? But that’s an entirely different blog.) 

We were at a friend’s house and had brought some grapes for a snack.  My friend’s little girl isn’t a fan of grapes.  William shared some with her though, and low and behold she ate them (albeit hesitantly).  Another reminder that the mind is a powerful force with these little monkeys and we as parents need to just keep trying to put nutritious food in front of them.  I always have to remind myself it’s not my job to take the easy path! 
For now we’ll enjoy the mystical powers of our magic fork.  If only the spell could last forever!

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