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The Hidden Logic of Rejection

by bkhoury on February 03, 2011

It is so amazing to me how your kids can tell you so much without saying a word.  If you really “listen” to their signals and are in tune to their needs, you realize there often is logic behind their seemingly illogical behaviors.

For example, the other day my 15 month old started rejecting steamed carrots.  I couldn’t believe it because they have been a favorite vegetable of his since purees.  Unlike some other foods I tend to lean on a little too much, I hadn’t been over-feeding him carrots.  I didn’t think he would be tired of them already.  Then after trying to cajole him into eating these delectable morsels by taking a bite myself, I realized I simply hadn’t cooked them long enough for his comfort level in chewing.  Or at least I surmised this was the problem because he always rejects things that are too “crunchy”. 
For the next two weeks if we had a soup or something else with carrots in it he would pick around them choosing every other option!  He remembered that carrots were not his cup of tea or maybe nature’s instincts were telling him they weren’t safe for him to eat!  I thought I had really blown a good thing.  Then finally, (maybe by accident), he picked up a yummy orange carrot and ate one and then another and another remembering how much he liked them (cooked softly just to his liking).

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