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Taste Tests

by bkhoury on August 12, 2010

We are going through a naked faze in our family!  (At least I hope it’s a faze!)  Suddenly shirts, shoes, pants and diapers have all become unnecessary requirements to get through the day.  I put in the effort to dress Will but then as he starts his day the clothes come off faster than a blink of an eye.  I think this is called practicing a new found skill… and he’s getting really good at it! 

He has also new found skills of wanting to prepare food “All by myself”.  From pouring milk to peeling fruit to sprinkling Parmesan cheese—did you know Parmesan tastes good on fresh mango and sorbet?  I’m trying to parlay this “ownership” into more open mindedness about the food he will try. 

Will absolutely loves to cook with me and we always do a taste test.  It is fun to make a big production of it. “Ok it’s hot.  Let’s blow on it.  Take a bite.  Mmmmm… that tastes delicious!  You did a great job cooking that!”  It helps so much when we sit down to eat to remind him that he cooked the dish.  You can see the pride beaming from his face.  In the heat of the moment he has tried something that he may have initially thumbed his nose at all because he helped to prepare it.  Unfortunately he does sometimes forget that he actually liked it when he tasted it from the pan.  But hey, we’ll take what we can get!  At least he chose the summer to learn to take his clothes off!

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