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Take A Deep Breath. Repeat Three Times: It is just a phase. It is just a phase. It is just a phase.

by bkhoury on April 27, 2012

I felt for a while that I have been a dreadful parent when it comes to the enforcement of table manners. To be honest I have just been so happy that, for the most part, my boys are such great eaters. I haven’t really cared how they get the food from plate to mouth. And the stares I have received from time to time from people in my extended family, have confirmed I am clearly an unworthy mother when it comes to this arena. 

So with an upcoming family visit planned, I decided to start an etiquette immersion course.  I think I heard once from Super Nanny to make a sign; so I dug out a piece of poster board and together we decided what the table rules should be. We started small.

1) Stay seated
2) Ask to be excused
3) Use silverware

The first night the boys actually had fun “following the rules” with more success than failure.  The next meal, Will decided, “I don’t like these rules.” He grabbed the poster and ran to the other room.  I explained that just because the poster isn’t up, doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply. 

After two days of conquering the basics, I soon realized I could add twenty more rules to our meager list.  We still needed to perfect rules one through three, but one more absolutely had to be added. So, I made mommy rule #4:

4) Wear pants at the table

I have mentioned before how Will has a little aversion to pants. As we go through potty training with Hunter, he has discovered pant freedom as well. Summer is around the corner, so I’m not expecting this phase to diminish anytime soon.  However, perhaps I can whip these little heathens into shape so my family might be able to judge my mothering skills on the bigger things, like whether the boys actually know their names. In the meantime I will continue to repeat my mantra:

It is just a phase.

It is just a phase.

It is just a phase.

Check out our artfully made poster rules on Facebook:

  • It is definitly naorml! I suppose you don’t really know anything else than to fancy’ the opposite sex untill during and after puberty, because of things like disney movies (where the princess and the pronce run off into the sunset) sort of indoctranating you so you would think it’s the norm. But you need to remember not everything is black and white as it is also naorml to be interested in both sexes. Whatever label you want to give yourself, I assure you; it’s so not wrong. At all.Best wishes, Sam x

    By Ahmed on June 10, 2012 at 01:39 AM
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