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Table Talk for Boys

by bkhoury on September 20, 2012

I do love those moments when the kids are calm enough at dinner to actually have a conversation.  As the boys get a little more articulate it’s so fun to hear what is on a toddler’s mind.  The other day I stepped away from the room while they were happily eating their lunch and conversing amongst one another.  I hesitated before walking back into the kitchen to listen in on this seemingly perfectly civilized table talk, only to hear two little boys talking like only little boys can.

Do men (boys) really have a one track mind even as young children? They were talking about size, smell and all sorts of bodily functions, giggling like crazy as they expounded on these natural occurring phenomenon. 

For a while now, my oldest son has had an obsession of sorts with what he likes to call moles i.e. mommy’s private parts.  He once pointed to a mole I have on my chest and asked “what’s that?” Thinking he was indeed pointing to my mole I said that’s mommy’s mole. I haven’t had the heart to correct him because the word mole seems safer when he blurts it out in the supermarket than the alternative.  And he talks about these curious “moles” only girls have all the time!  I can just see my precocious four year old walking around asking people about their breasts, breasts, breasts at every turn. 

Last week my two year old got a spotted stuffed dog.  I asked him if he was going to name it Spot?  He said, “No, his name is mole.”  And mommy has herself in a hole. 
If only as a single woman I had the insight into the male’s brain like I now do, dating would have been so much easier!

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