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Spaghetti Oh Oh’s and Mac and Crack

by bkhoury on November 15, 2012

We were walking through Trader Joes and Hunter picked up a can of what looked like knock-off classic Spaghetti O’s.  He asked, “Mommy, what’s this?  Can I put it in my cart?”  It dawned on me my kids had never experienced the 1980’s staple in kids’ diets.  An irrational thought flashed across my mommy brain, “Oh my gosh, my kids haven’t even had Spaghetti O’s! What kind of parent am I?”  The can did say organic and it was from Trader Joe’s so I said, “Yes, you can put it in your cart.”

For lunch I pulled out the trusty can and dumped it in a pot. I’m sure the microwave would have been more efficient, but that’s the way my mom always cooked them.  Despite being organic, they had the same bright red color not found in nature.  Hunter who is still going through his “if it’s pasta I’ll eat it” phase gobbled them up at the expense of his nearby vegetables.  Will, with the more discerning pallet, was not a fan. I took a little nibble and remembered why I never cared for them even as a child.  And that was it. Drama over.

Until…. I also picked up a boxed mac and cheese.  Again organic (so it must be ok).  This is a “delicacy” I generally reserve for trips to family and for when hubby is home on the weekends alone with the kids.  I made a box and took a test bite out of the pan. These things were so delicious! I took another bite and another! Why were these powdered cheese macs making me want to chow down like a kid in a candy store?  I took another bite and then it hit me. They are REALLY salty.  Like yummy French-fries salty. 

And this is the problem with processed food!  There are endless studies saying how we have too much sodium in our food.  We aren’t getting all this sodium from salting our homemade spaghetti sauce. It’s mostly hidden sodium in the pre-packaged, processed foods.  Whether you believe that sodium is a problem for your health or not, one thing is clear.  It made me want to chow down on the entire box of less than appetizing processed macaronis!

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