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Snack Attack

by bkhoury on August 25, 2011

Recently my friend commented, “I just can’t believe how much the boys eat!”  Honestly, I am still amazed at the amount of food my two garbage disposals are able to put down.  Except, that is, for dinner—when the boys have had too much of a good thing for their afternoon snack. 

By 3:30, nap-time is over and both boys are overflowing with energy!  We usually try to head outside and get the cob-webs out. Invariably by 4:30 ravenousness sets in.  Hunter is like his mommy when he is hungry and becomes super-grumps.  Will, who is quickly mastering the kitchen, will help himself to whatever he can find in the larder.  If there is any kind of cracker around (even the practically tasteless water crackers), he will eat them up like Cookie Monster.  Unfortunately, I call crackers the snack devil in our house, as they are guaranteed to destroy my kid’s appetite if not administered closely, thereby creating a picky eater at meal-time. 

So while discussing this with my brilliant mommy friend of three kids, Jody, she mentioned that she has the same problem. To prevent her kids from loading up on anything other than dinner, she simply feeds her kids earlier.  Sometimes she even starts dinner preparation at 4:30. Her kids are even older than mine and still suffer from the same snack-syndrome. 

For the last couple of months, I’ve tried to start dinner at 5:00 (in the summer this is sometimes a monumental task!) If the kids are really preoccupied, we have even forgone an afternoon snack. I have also tried to keep snacks smaller and focused on fruit and vegetables.  On the days when I manage to feed them earlier, it works.  I often have two angelic hungry boys at the table!  I have to admit; sometimes it seems a little ridiculous to be feeding them the early bird special at 5:00. But it is so much better than seeing them load up on snacks (even if they are healthy) and then facing the dinnertime struggle. Thanks for the tip Jody! 

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