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Rejecting Vegetables

by bkhoury on July 31, 2009

I was thinking back to when William ate only baby food and how pureed carrots were as sweet as candy for him. I’m hesitant to mention this, but I’m very lucky in that he absolutely still loves almost all vegetables.  If I give him a cheese and spinach pizza, he will pick off the spinach first.  Is my child just weird? 

Well, a few weeks ago he started rejecting veggies and I thought my honeymoon was over.  The famed “pickies” are setting in.  In my stubborn fashion, I was determined to not let this happen.  I started serving the vegetable first for a few days.  If he rejected the peas, I nonchalantly moved on to beans.  I kept making all different kinds of vegetables and offering them before any other foods.  Before I knew it, he realized this is it.  He started gobbling up the veggies again.  It’s as though he had lost the taste for them. 

I find myself losing the taste for things as well.  It’s so much easier to shove a bagel or cracker into your mouth for instant gratification than it is to make some vegetables (especially when pregnant).  But, when I do put in the effort, I really feel so much better and I start almost craving them again. 

Another thing is simply making the vegetables taste better.  Grilled vegetables are so yummy and easy this time of year.  Sauteed veggies in a little olive oil hit the spot.  If all else fails there is always CHEESE glorious cheese! 

Anyway, for now Will is back to loving his veggies.  You can all laugh when the day comes he won’t touch the things!  And give me a big fat “I told you so”.

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