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Rejecting Milk

by bkhoury on December 27, 2010

As babies turn into toddlers moving onto cow’s milk is a big eating mile stone for parents and their children.  Unfortunately, I never hear from any of my mommy friends that their children LOVE milk the first time it is introduced.  Most of my friend’s kids initially disliked it A LOT.  First the poor little ones have to give up the comfort of the bottle or breast in exchange for the often unsatisfying sippy cup.  Then they have this unfamiliar foreign liquid pushed at them.  So what’s a parent to do? 

Hopefully being the brilliant parent you are, you were foresightful enough to start introducing a sippy cup filled with water very early—even at 6 months or before.  Then at least one battle is already won.  If you didn’t don’t worry.  Start now with water in it to supplement bottle or breast. 

There are many ways to wean a baby with some preferring cold turkey and others (like me) taking it more slowly.  With both my boys I was on a schedule of four feedings throughout the day (I’m a scheduler).  I took away one feeding per week leaving the night feeding to the last because it was my insurance policy—and my security blanket—for a sleeping baby.  I would offer a sippy cup of milk throughout the day.  (RED FLAG WARNING: Of all the advice I’ve been given the one huge warning from experienced moms was to NEVER put cows milk in a bottle.)  In the end, it was honestly harder for mommy to give up the downtime and cuddling that feedings offered than it was for my boys. Neither one seemed to notice anything missing!

If you’re lucky, by the time you get rid of the last feeding your baby will be gulping down milk.  For me this was NOT the case for either of my children.  With Will, for about a week I would offer him milk and supplement with some water.  He just rejected the milk and drank water.  So, I was forced to take the hard-line approach.  I didn’t offer anything else to drink EXCEPT milk.  With Hunter I only offered him milk from the beginning and he would drink when he was thirsty just enough to quench his thirst.

Thankfully, eventually my boys developed a taste for milk and now both love it.  Meanwhile during the ramping up process, I make certain they get enough dairy with yogurt, cheese, etc.  This approach is kind of hard and not for everyone, but it only takes about a month for them to start drinking the recommended ounces.  Also I was weaning both children in cooler months.  If it was July I’m sure I would have to offer water in between meals. 

Just remember, once your chid starts drinking milk, a new issue might be not letting them drink too much before meals so it ruins their appetite!  And so the circle goes!

  • WOW record dhguort and high heat in Texas leads to higher milk!  I hope we have a dhguort here in Iowa so I can get those kinda milk yields! (ok Sarcasm off now)BTW then why is the new Leprino plant in COlorado short on milk when it is so close to them in Texas?

    By Julie on August 19, 2012 at 05:30 PM
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