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Quick Recipes No Matter What

by bkhoury on June 03, 2010

I recently got around to watching the film “Food Inc.” Being in the middle of America’s bread basket, I found it fascinating.  We are usually pretty good about avoiding fast food chains, but one has to admit when you are in the car with two kids it is SO easy to go through the drive through.  Though I am somewhat proud to say that Will doesn’t like McDonald’s chicken nuggets (I’m under no illusion this phenomenon will last for long). 

Really the take-away for us is to eat fresh food and buy the best we can afford (or that is available).  I just can’t bring myself to do ALL my shopping at the local organic supermarket. But there is more and more competition in this space and sometimes at places such as Trader Joe’s organic is less expensive than non-organic in another supermarket.  And the biggest irony of all is that in small-town USA, where we are surrounded by farms, the organic section at Wal-mart and the local grocery is miniscule (these are our only two grocery options other than the farmer’s market in the summer).  I personally think that if you just buy fresh fruits and vegetables either organic, locally grown or from a chain, you are better off than succumbing to the processed or fast food options.

So, trust me , I KNOW how terribly hard it is to rush home and prepare something, but I’ve come up with some recipes (I’ll share more in the week’s to come)  that should require no forethought and can be done faster than waiting in line at the drive-through or putting a prepared meal in the oven.  Your kids will be more satisfied and so will you.  Show me the recipes!

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