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Postcard From the Heartland

by bkhoury on May 31, 2012

The boys are enjoying the wide-open spaces of the countryside. They fill their time making dirt roads along Grandma’s garden, swimming and giving the birds a run for their money when it comes to snatching the mulberries off the trees. 

We are enjoying very simple food:  roast beef, steaks and grilled pork chops.  Yes, a lot of meat, but we are in cattle country.  Unlike the rest of the country, chicken is not the go-to meat.  Because the food is simply prepared, quality is paramount.  The pork chops are thick and tender and the steaks are dry-aged for 21 days with just the right amount of marbling – not something you’re going to find in the meat isle at the superstore.  All is locally grown and butchered.  As a special treat, tonight my brother is grilling salmon a friend sent to him from Seattle.

Grammy came through with her homemade cherry pie (although she had to use cherries from the tree frozen from last year).  She said she could only manage to make one pie and wasn’t pleased with the crust.  On the contrary, the crust was flaky, perfectly golden and not chewy at all.  The delicious combination of tart cherries and sweet filling make the ideal summer dessert. There were no complaints from the boys (or me).  At 93, I think she is being a little hard on herself. 

We snack on homemade zucchini bread seasoned with nutmeg, rolls from the local German bakery (established 1896 in the US and 1521 in Germany), and aged Maytag blue cheese.  There are no garden fresh vegetables yet or sweet corn this early in the growing season.  The thought may just be enough enticement for another visit later in the summer! 

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