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Post Nap Grumpies

by bkhoury on December 15, 2011

Recently my three year old son – my “challenging” one’’—woke up from an amazing two hour nap.  At this age sometimes he needs one, and sometimes he doesn’t (although mommy always needs him to take one).  Most often the question truthfully is not really “Does he need one?” but “Will he take one?” 

I thought to myself, “Ok, the kids are well rested, let’s have a really fun afternoon together”.  Two minutes after he ran into the play-room, he was back into his room for time-out.  Will had managed to cold cock his brother for being too close to his train and then proceeded to take off his pants and run through the house uncontrollably (we have pants issues in our house).  It was as if he hadn’t slept in days! 
For the next hour I thought my son had been taken over by a troll.  He grumbled to himself, stomped around and was generally ill-tempered. 

He had come home from school mentioning that one of his friends had made a big mess at school – in other words, she puked her brains out.  So I thought, “Oh, oh, here we go with the holiday stomach bug leaving a gift to everyone in class.” 

And then we came downstairs for me to start our early bird dinner.  There were some leftover apple slices on the table that the boys munched on.  Suddenly, the spell had been lifted.  The troll had been kissed by a magical fairy and turned into a prince charming.  “Mom, can I help you set the table?” “I’ll pour the milk.” “Mom I LOVE this food.” “I’m going to have another helping before I eat my yogurt.” 

What??  Where did my son go?  (Not complaining, just asking?)  I put some thought into it, and realized Will hadn’t eaten since lunch after a very long nap.  I’m thinking his blood sugar was low and he was probably just hungry.  He couldn’t even string together a coherent sentence prior to eating the apples, and now he was Mr. Congeniality.  (I’ve noticed this same phenomenon with my husband by the way). 

So, I need to be more diligent about providing small nibbles throughout the day, especially after long winter naps.  I’m always preaching about too much snacking. In this case, we got too busy playing to have a needed nibble. I hope this isn’t the stomach bug rearing its ugly head.  That’s one gift from Santa I don’t need. 

  • I learned a new word this week, “hangry.” As in hungry + angry.  A kid with low blood sugar plus a scuffle over trains equals hangry behavior!  It happens to me around 3:00 pm. I figured out that I need an after school snack too.

    By Jennifer Davis on December 16, 2011 at 02:36 PM
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