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Out With the Sippy Cups

by bkhoury on February 16, 2012

When Will was a baby, we lived around the corner from Land of Nod and I got sucked into purchasing a $21.00 sippy cup.  This was during the BPA scare before the chemical was taken out of most plastics for children.  When that one leaked all over and, by the way, also contained at least 10 parts which felt like you needed an engineering degree to put together, I moved onto a similar yet, still expensive contraption. That one was equally disappointing. By kid number two we were on to the two for 5 bucks models.  It feels like we have tried them all in the quest for the leak proof sippy cup (which I have yet to find). I’m pretty sure all that money would have been better spent towards our kid’s college fund.

So when Hunter made a game of tipping over his sippy and watching the milk drip out onto the floor while giggling hysterically, that was the last straw (literally) for mommy.  I’m so sick of the cups tipping over in my purse to find the bottom soaked along with my wallet and papers. Or the straw getting bitten off to pose a choking hazard. Or straws having to be dug out of the bottom of the dishwasher, half devoured by the motor.  The complaints could go on. 

I went to the sippy cup cabinet (they require an entire cabinet because they are so cumbersome!) and dumped them all in the garbage.  Will yelled in horror like I had thrown away his security blanket.  He sensed my hesitation.  I was throwing out something that had been a fixture in my life for the last four years.  Maybe they were my security blanket too. 

Life has continued without the sippy cups. Yes, there has been spilled milk, but overall less mess than dealing with the cursed leaky sippy cup.  The first day after the “toss”, I didn’t know what to do when we were going on a long car ride that would surely require a drink.  I put some water in some sports bottles and we were on our way.  Wait. Are those sippy cups for adults?? 

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