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Mommy See, Mommy Do

by bkhoury on June 30, 2011

Yesterday we were enjoying a beautiful afternoon in the backyard.  We had the baby pool with it’s ice cold water filled up, the hose on full speed and the unsteady blow-up slide positioned just so.  Will, always so helpful, was in charge of the hose. I was multi-tasking on my iphone while keeping one eye on the boys.  And then the tri-fecta happened.  I answered a call, Will sprayed Hunter full-on with water and mommy had a blow up, resulting in Will immediately being sent to time-out.

After I had a moment to breathe, I felt horrible. I mean you give a three-year-old a hose when we are suppose to be having fun in the water and expect him to not utilize it to its full potential?  Yes, Hunter didn’t like being sprayed, but it was just a little water. Toughen up kid. And simmer down mommy.  Put down the damn phone and for heaven’s sake lighten up and have some fun!  Luckily I did realize that I had been a little trigger happy with the time-out and twinkled my nose to bring back fun lighthearted mommy.  We ended up having a made for TV movie afternoon, playing well past dinnertime. When my attitude changed so did everyone else’s.

Then this morning it was a eat-breakfast-while-running-around-the-kitchen marathon. The boys are old enough to start playing off each other (you all know what I’m talking about).  Hunter will stand up on his chair and look at Will, then look at mommy. He’ll smile that devilish smile, and then look at Will again. That could be the tipping point to chaos. Our favorite saying this morning was “sit down”! 

Unexpectedly, I looked in the mirror once again as I stood by the island shoving a scrap of sausage into my mouth, gulping down my coffee and simultaneously unloading the dishwasher.  It’s a good thing my boys are too young to know the word hypocrite. Unfortunately, I think they grasp the concept even though they can’t attribute a word to it.  I sat my mommy bottom down, and had a nice discussion about our upcoming airplane ride to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I guess sometimes we all need to stop and really see our reflection. 

I hope you can all enjoy this holiday weekend with a child’s eye. Let me know if you are more successful at it than I am!

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