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Lunchbox Tips

by bkhoury on September 06, 2012

Think outside the bread: Everyone needs a change from the classic sandwich once in a while. We love to do dips and crackers. Dips can be protein packed and delicious.  Try our white bean and rosemary spread or our black bean dip with homemade corn chips.  We also love putting in protein packed salads. Try our tropical chicken or other salads using grains such as quinoa.

Mix up the bread: We like the new thin buns that have been on the market for the past few years.  They are easy for little hands and mouths to get around and leave more room for yummy fillings.  Also use pitas, flatbreads, wraps of all kinds and quick breads.

Veggie flavor:  When packing lunches the biggest challenge we have is getting a good serving of veggies in.  Baby carrots are a perennial favorite, but packed every day they can become tiresome.  We like to put cucumbers on sandwiches – especially instead of tomatoes and lettuce that can become soggy.  Red peppers, raw or lightly steamed broccoli, cauliflower florets and edamame are also good lunch-box veggies.

Take advantage of your captive audience:  It’s a great opportunity to put foods in that they may not gravitate towards automatically.  The trick is to find the balance though, to make sure kids are getting enough to eat to make it through the afternoon.  For example, try putting baby tomatoes in along with other vegetables every day for a week.  Sooner or later, they might try them – and low and behold like them!

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  • For my daughter it’s all about the thrill of the lunchbox. It seems I have a lot more leeway with what I serve if it is in a cute lunch box.  I’m not sure when this will wear off! Hopefully never!

    By Allison on September 7, 2012 at 01:53 PM
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