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Kitchen De-Clutter

by bkhoury on January 12, 2012

Prior to the holidays, I tried to cull our toy room of toys which the boys had either outgrown, broken or simply weren’t enamored with to make room for the new.  How fortunate we are to so quickly find ourselves overloaded with so many toys. But I find the reality is that less is more.  If they have fewer toys, they make better use of the ones they have – using them in creative ways and really utilizing their learning potential.  I also thought it would be a great time to take the same philosophy in the kitchen.

Now, I’m not judging, but I’ve been in a few kitchens in my time. The one thought I often come away with is, “How on earth do they actually cook anything in here?”  The kitchen is the heart of our homes but is it the home office and knick knack shop?  We live in the land of plenty and have plenty in our kitchens!  So I’ve come up with some suggestions to help make your cooking faster, more efficient and dare I say more zen? 

Clear the counter tops:  When did ceramic chickens take the place of toasters?  Replace the paperwork drop-off places with carefully chosen bowls of fresh fruit and vegetables.  If you have to move something before you can chop something, you may have too much crap. All these items divert your eyes and your focus as you are frying up that bacon. 

Get rid of the gadgets:  May I suggest going through your accessory drawer? I recently did this and was able to rid myself of an egg slicer (never used), garlic roller (supposedly to make peeling garlic easier), a very cute honey dipper (never used), and a mini grater (completely useless).  All these gadgets take up so much room so when you try to quickly grab something you have to rustle around in the drawer before reaching it.  I feel we consumers have been sold a bill of goods with all these kitchen gadgets.  We love to buy them, but when do you ever actually use them??

Stop stacking things 20 feet high:  If you have to dig around in your pot cabinet and break a sweat lifting up one plate to reach another, you are making your cooking time slow and miserable.  When it comes down to it, I really use only three pots for my cooking and two skillets.  Take note of what you really use over the next few weeks and make those items easily accessible.  Recently I was in a kitchen where to get a dinner plate, I had to lift ten salad plates up.  Why do that to yourself every meal (unless you want great muscles)? 

Remember, for an efficient kitchen, less is more. Not the American way I know, but one more step in streamlining your life and being able to quickly cook up some love! 

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