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Holiday Cheer

by bkhoury on December 27, 2009

As the Holiday season winds down, I cringe a bit at the food that has entered my child’s mouth like the ENTIRE piece of pumpkin pie Grandma fed William.  “It’s OK,” she said “It’s pumpkin!”  (she didn’t have to deal with the ensuing sugar high that followed)

And the eating continues with us saying, “it’s still the holidays.”  On the bright side though, we have taken this opportunity to expose Will to all kinds of fun tastes.  Mushrooms stuffed with crab meat (we accidentally found out he was not allergic to shell fish), turkey and cranberries and more cranberries, oyster stew, pheasant and roasted turnips.  He’s willing to try everything in the hopes it will taste like pumpkin pie!  Hmm… what will he eat for New Year’s?

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