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Grandpa’s In Charge of Dinner

by bkhoury on June 07, 2012

When we recently visited our family, there came a night when Grandpa had to feed the boys dinner by himself.  Now, some might call Grandpa a baby boomer who hasn’t taken care of two little boys for a very very long time.  He doesn’t really have contact with small children and tends to speak to them like a perfectly capable adult employee. I thought Grandpa could get some good, quality alone time with the boys, so I put on some boiling water for the macaroni as I ran out the door.

Just as my husband returned home, the boys were sitting perfectly at the table waiting for the well-done macaroni to be served.  Grandpa forcefully plopped it down in their bowls as they watched in amazement while this gruff Grandpa served them dinner. Then he got the pepper grinder and asked, “Will, do you want some fresh ground pepper on top?”  OF COURSE, Will said yes to the amazing Grandpa.  Then Hunter shouted, “I want some too!”  Grandpa obliged like a top-notch waiter serving gourmet mac and cheese. By the time he was through, there was enough pepper to make a grown man sneeze into the next county.

Ryan bit his tongue at the spectacle of Grandpa trying to make run of the mill mac and cheese into a sophisticated culinary delight with pepper for a four and two year old. The boys eagerly dug into their freshly seasoned macaroni.  And ate it all up.

Thanks Gramps!

  • Nice work, Thanks

    By John Simpson on August 31, 2012 at 08:10 PM
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