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Giving The Gift of Food

by bkhoury on December 22, 2011

As we prepare to travel over the holidays, we decided to celebrate the “coming of Santa” a little early this year.  And yes, it was the best year yet with my three year old in awe over the fact that he timidly had asked Santa just a few weeks prior for a train roundhouse and some troublesome trucks.  (Ryan and I both expressed slight relief that our son when confronted with a strange guy in a red suit found him creepy enough to have major reservations about getting too close.) And when Santa came, he actually LEFT them under the tree (thank you grandma and grandpa). 

But Will struggled with the idea of GIVING gifts to others.  He helped me pick out some charity gifts, but couldn’t conceptualize that not everyone is as fortunate as him.  We even tried to figure out what Daddy might like and his excellent suggestion was pants. But when it came time to pick something out, it turns out Daddy would really just prefer some more trains. 

It wasn’t until we started making cookies for Santa and left some carrots for the reindeer that the Christmas spirit took hold.  We wrapped up a few extras for the neighbor friends and Will really enjoyed the idea that they would have their very own cookies.  When he helped me make quick bread for his teachers, he was proud to put his name to his creation.

Maybe it’s because food is a primal necessity, but I find my kids are able to relate to the giving of it so much better than a “thing” that they covet as well.  The process of making the food is cherished quality time and fills my kids with such pride.  It doesn’t need to be fancy.  From the simple popping a bagel in the toaster together to pouring milk, cracking eggs and mixing cookies, even my two year old can get involved.  It all fosters independence and if you’re giving what you’re making away, or serving it to a special daddy, it takes on all the more importance.  This week’s menu includes easy recipes that are great when you have people in your home, and a great opportunity to involve your kids in the sharing of food process.  We hope your home is filled with simple, uncomplicated and spontaneous memories this holiday season.

Love, Small Helpings.

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