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Fresh Baked Cookies (by Guest Blogger Jennifer Davis)

by bkhoury on October 17, 2009

Remember the way cartoons would depict the aroma of food cooking as a tangible object?  A hazy shape would emerge from the oven, waft over to the nearest person (or cat or mouse), form into the shape of a hand and slowly beckon, “this way- follow me to something good.”  That’s the scene in my house this afternoon as the kids walk into the kitchen and ask if I’ve been baking cookies.

More than teaching our kids to love broccoli, the best thing we can teach them is simply to love food.  Whether it’s a tomato from the farmer’s market, grandma’s spaghetti and meatballs or a fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookie, the ritual of sitting together at a table and enjoying what we’re eating is more important to me than specifically what is on the plate.  I know that if I continue to serve a wide variety of foods without making a big deal out of what they do and don’t like, they’ll get the nutrition they need and learn to love the ritual of eating together as a family.

One of my favorite traditions is the after school cookie.  It’s a great way to welcome the kids home, spend a few minutes together and get the scoop on the day’s events.  For those of you with younger guys, the post-nap cookie is also equally fun.  A great trick that makes it possible to have fresh baked cookies at a moment’s notice is to freeze individual cookie dough balls.  Simply mix up a batch of your favorite dough, drop spoonfuls onto a cookie sheet and pop the entire setup into the freezer until the dough is frozen solid.  Transfer the frozen dough balls into a zip top bag and voila, cookies on demand.  They can go straight from the freezer into the oven (just add an extra minute or two of baking time) or, if you have time, thaw them a bit in the fridge before baking.  The beauty of this method is that you only bake what you need – think two cookies at a time instead of two dozen. 

A Google search tells me that dough balls will last about a month in the freezer, but once the smell of fresh baked cookies reaches your family and beckons them, cartoon-style, into the kitchen, my guess is that they will go much faster than that!  Now it’s your turn.  What family food traditions are you starting with your kids?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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