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Five Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Meat

by bkhoury on April 12, 2012

When talking to caregivers about their feeding concerns, one of the biggest problems I hear is, “My kids won’t eat meat”.  If you decide to go veg this may not be a problem (but presents an entirely different test). For most parents though, getting high quality protein through meat is a challenge.  Whether your child is 14 months or 14 years, I’ve outlined a few tips to help encourage your kids to gobble up protein!

It’s the texture silly:  Younger kids who have been eating baby food understandably make the transition easier to softer foods like pasta or puffs. For older kids, it can simply be habit and easier to wolf down comfort food like pasta or cereal.  So start small, literally. Ground beef, chicken or turkey are a great starting place. Put finely chopped meat in a tomato sauce, meatballs, quesadilla or meatloaf.  Once you have that mastered, move on to chicken breast, pork, steak, veal and lamb. Here one key is to MARINATE the meat so it is melt in your mouth tender.

Flavor, flavor!: If you grill up a piece of dry ol’ chicken breast, you may not have much success.  Who doesn’t think chicken breast is boring? Instead sweeten the deal with just a little honey, jam or one of our fantastic marinades. Again, texture first, then flavor. 

Downsizing:  Inevitably, when I put a big hunk of food on the kids’ plates, they don’t know where to start If I cut the food into tiny, tiny bites, it feels right to their senses and they gobble it up. This holds true for older kids as well as younger!

Don’t compromise: When did hot dogs become kids’ food? Yes, they like them but they certainly aren’t healthy for our growing kiddos. So don’t lean on processed meats to satisfy the protein requirement. Kids will become addicted to the texture and salt and reject high quality lean meats.  On the same token, kids (and adults) will become addicted to pastas too.  I just finished a no-pasta week because we were all becoming a little too dependent on this comfort food at the expense of vegetables and protein. 

Serve it up first: If you put vegetables, meat, and rice or bread on your child’s plate I would place a wager on them choosing the rice or bread first. So, until your kids learn to love meat (and they will), serve them meat first and then move on to the other “courses”.

We hope these tricks will help! If you have any of your own please share! Inquiring mommies want to know!!

  • Really great tips to encourage kids to eat meat! Whenever I force my kids to eat meat I used to see “Fear Factor” contestants freaking faces where they used to eat disgusting textures. I hope these tips will work with my kids. mom to be gifts Thanks smile

    By Mellina Moore on May 29, 2012 at 09:59 AM
  • Most of kids are not want to eat meat! It is one of big problem for parents. Here provided these five tips are really effective to encourage Kids to eat meat. Thanks!Hot dog rollers

    By Steve Waugh on June 24, 2012 at 08:52 AM
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