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Cooking Motivation

by bkhoury on August 07, 2009

Maybe it’s the lazy, hazy days of August, or maybe it’s the fact that I am pregnant and getting bigger by the day, but sometimes my cooking motivation just goes down the tubes. Inevitably though, my laziness backfires.  We don’t eat as healthfully and the whole family always seems slightly unsatisfied, requiring more snacks and “searching for something” in the fridge.  Even William doesn’t eat as well as usual.  We also end up spending a lot more money by running to the grocery store for a last minute meal,or worse, the take-out joint. 

So the key I’ve found besides simply DOING IT, is to plan ahead and ORGANIZATION!—Which really is the whole point of Small Helpings.  If I have the entire shopping done for the week and the menus in front of me it’s a huge psychological hurdle.  After all, I know it is going to take 15 minutes which is much less time than running to the grocery store! 

Sometimes it is the idea of trying something new or something that “I don’t feel like” at the moment.  This just takes a leap of faith (even more for me because I’m making stuff up as I go).  I think its similar to not wanting to exercise or clean the house.  Once I’m doing it, I feel so much better!

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