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Bite sized

by bkhoury on August 04, 2011

As Hunter starts to get a little older (and more independent), I find myself becoming not lazy exactly, but a little loosy goosy about how I serve his food.  For example, I might try to give him an entire slice of toast or bagel to eat.  Or an entire chicken tender to bite. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “The kid should learn how to bite off a simple piece of bagel for heaven’s sake.”

However, I have noticed a dramatic difference in how well the 1 ½ year old eats when I make his food more manageable for him.  When I cut a piece of meat, sausage, even eggs into smaller bites, he is much more likely to consume everything in front of him!  This holds true for vegetables too.  If a piece of broccoli is a little too uncomfortable in his little mouth, forget it.  Make the pieces just the right size though, and he is begging for more in a flash. 

As I observed this phenomenon with Hunter, I also realized it even holds true for my three year old as well! (Of course to a lesser extent, but still worth noting).  William gobbles down entire bagels in a flash, but when it comes to meat, nuts, and crunchier veggies, the size of bite is a huge eating factor. 

Luckily, when Will was just starting to eat solids, I discovered how much easier it is to cut up food on a cutting board instead of a plate.  This also has the added benefit of helping to cool off hot food faster. I went out and purchased loads of the smaller cutting boards so I could go through numerous ones in one meal, and so they don’t take up too much room in my dishwasher! 

Another tip I found is to use the largest knife possible when chopping.  It’s so much more efficient!  Whenever my mom comes to visit she inevitably grabs a tiny little knife or even a butter knife.  I say pull out the “big dog” and own it like a top chef! 

So, I’ve realized I can’t cut the bootstraps just yet when it comes to presenting food to my kids.  I will cater to my hungry little monkeys a little longer, which really, is just fine with this mommy. 

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  • You could also give Will a banana and a butter knife and let him have at it—hours of entertainment (or at least 10 minutes)!

    By JenDavis on August 5, 2011 at 06:21 PM
  • I love fun and cute cards! The shabby vignate look is definitely the most difficult for me. Although my friend who introduced me to card making really goes for that look. Now that I understand the different styles I think I will be a lot freer to produce my own cards instead of getting frustrated trying to make them like hers. Thanks

    By Laine on September 25, 2012 at 11:23 PM
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