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Animal Instincts

by bkhoury on August 18, 2011

Earlier in the summer when we visited the Grandparents, we took our very spoiled “1st born” dog, Millie, along. She is such a princess puppy that she is even a picky eater. I have never had a dog be a picky eater and it drives me crazy.  Especially because I know deep down that I created this prima donna by feeding her home-cooked, organic dog food the first few years of her life – until we had kids and then it was kibble du jour for poor Millie.  My in-laws have two dogs that Millie must compete with for food, attention and doggie territory rights. 

My point to all this doggie talk is when Millie had to compete for her food she was no longer a picky eater.  She would devour every bite of that dog food and swipe the other dog’s dinner as well.  I have NEVER seen this pup eat like that. The other morning I noticed the EXACT same phenomenon with the two boys! 

Hunter is my meat eater. If there is protein to be eaten, he is on it like bees to honey. William on the other hand prefers the honey. So while making breakfast I announced there were only two breakfast sausages left.  Suddenly they took on another level of importance. 

William had to have two sausages, not wanting to share. After a fuss, Will got one and “agreed” to share the other with Hunter. He nibbled on it but got distracted by a stray Thomas the Train across the kitchen. Then Hunter promptly got off his chair, walked around the table and, poised to run, preceded to snatch Will’s sausage off his plate.  His animal instincts were on full alert as he would glance out of the corner of his eye and stealthily pop a piece of meat into his mouth. I watched in absolute terror, fearful that Will was going to catch him in the act, and I would have World War III on my hands!  I gave him the “down the nose stare,” inferring, “You’re on your own kiddo!” 

Luckily, Will was so distracted he completely forgot about the precious sausage.  But, I had never seen Hunter risk life and limb for a piece of food before. From here on out I will try to recreate this scarcity of resources phenomenon if it creates that kind of demand!  Kind of like me and croissants… when on a diet. 

  • Oh yes! I love that….use that psychology. I’m definitely gonna use that.

    By MommieDearest on August 23, 2011 at 03:15 AM
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