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September 2012 Archive:

Mommy I’m SO Hungry!

by bkhoury on September 27, 2012

I’m not sure if it is the changing weather and the natural urge to eat more, or if going to pre-school is tiring the boys out more. Regardless, lately, I have heard a lot of “Mommy, I’m sooo hungry!”. Read More

Table Talk for Boys

by bkhoury on September 20, 2012

I do love those moments when the kids are calm enough at dinner to actually have a conversation. As the boys get a little more articulate it’s so fun to hear what is on a toddler’s mind. The other day I stepped away from the room while they were happily eating their lunch and conversing amongst one another. I hesitated before walking back into the kitchen to listen in on this seemingly perfectly civilized table talk, only to hear two little boys talking like only little boys can. Read More

Lunchbox Tips

by bkhoury on September 06, 2012

Think outside the bread: Everyone needs a change from the classic sandwich once in a while. We love to do dips and crackers. Dips can be protein packed and delicious. Try our white bean and rosemary spread or our black bean dip with homemade corn chips. We also love putting in protein packed salads. Try our tropical chicken or other salads using grains such as quinoa. Read More

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