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July 2012 Archive:

The Art of Being Busy

by bkhoury on July 26, 2012

“What did you do this weekend?”

“Oh, we were just so busy.”

How many times have you had this frankly, very boring exchange? I catch myself saying it all the time. A go-to filler. What exactly was I really busy doing? Was I busy having meaningful quality time with my kids or was I busy running all over town? We wear the status like a badge of honor though. Is it possible we are so busy being busy we get nothing done?
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Summertime Downtime

by bkhoury on July 05, 2012

This past week we were hit hard by storms whipping across the country. On Sunday, we learned there would be no camp the next day due to the power being out. Every day I checked to see if power was restored, and every day camp was cancelled. Every day my “fine-tuned” schedule was interrupted by suddenly having to entertain two busy boys all day. Read More

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