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June 2012 Archive:

Tips From Our Readers: How To Encourage Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

by bkhoury on June 28, 2012

We received so many wonderful suggestions to encourage your kids to eat vegetables that we had to share! We are so excited that all our subscribers are finding success with the veggies! Read More

Five Ways to Encourage Kids to Eat Vegetables

by bkhoury on June 15, 2012

As the summer bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables becomes available, it is a great time to encourage your kids and entire family to get munching on these healthy morsels! So we put together some ideas to help get the veggies in the tummies. Read More

Grandpa’s In Charge of Dinner

by bkhoury on June 07, 2012

When we recently visited our family, there came a night when Grandpa had to feed the boys dinner by himself. Now, some might call Grandpa a baby boomer who hasn’t taken care of two little boys for a very very long time. He doesn’t really have contact with small children and tends to speak to them like a perfectly capable adult employee. I thought Grandpa could get some good, quality alone time with the boys, so I put on some boiling water for the macaroni as I ran out the door. Read More

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