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April 2012 Archive:

Take A Deep Breath. Repeat Three Times: It is just a phase. It is just a phase. It is just a phase.

by bkhoury on April 27, 2012

I felt for a while that I have been a dreadful parent when it comes to the enforcement of table manners. To be honest I have just been so happy that, for the most part, my boys are such great eaters. I haven’t really cared how they get the food from plate to mouth. And the stares I have received from time to time from people in my extended family, have confirmed I am clearly an unworthy mother when it comes to this arena. Read More

Tip #6: How to Get Your Kids to Eat Meat—Resort to Desperate Mind Games

by bkhoury on April 19, 2012

I served up this week’s delicious recipe of steak with sweet chili sauce. Two year old, Hunter took one look and threw his usual fit (see previous blog). I think he was milking it because daddy was home, but he really let loose this time. I’m sure the neighbors thought something sinister was going on with the screeches coming from our house. I stuck to my guns and did my usual “Hunter you don’t have to eat it.” I think at this point this routine is ticking him off because lately he’s been screaming even more when I say this. Read More

Five Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Meat

by bkhoury on April 12, 2012

When talking to caregivers about their feeding concerns, one of the biggest problems I hear is, “My kids won’t eat meat”. If you decide to go veg this may not be a problem (but presents an entirely different test). For most parents though, getting high quality protein through meat is a challenge. Whether your child is 14 months or 14 years, I’ve outlined a few tips to help encourage your kids to gobble up protein! Read More

The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

by bkhoury on April 05, 2012

As I was making dozens of hard boiled eggs this week, I realized how easy it is to either botch up this simple staple or make it perfectly. You can either end up with gross green rings surrounding a brownish yolk or crack open beautiful perfectly yellow hard boiled eggs. I personally think the perfectly yellow ones taste better! Read More

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