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March 2012 Archive:

The Consequences of Yelling

by bkhoury on March 29, 2012

The other day I made an honest mistake and I truly didn’t even think I had done anything wrong. This infuriated my husband. And when I say infuriated I mean infuriated. You see when Ryan get’s angry at me (which isn’t often) he likes to lecture. I had to submit to at least 20 minutes of him repeating why I shouldn’t have done something before he can move on. This particular argument escalated into him shouting at me trying to make me understand his point of view. It made me feel so horrible on the inside. Being yelled at really tore me down and made me too sad to even cry. Read More

Tornado Sustenance

by bkhoury on March 22, 2012

The other night we had the adventure of camping out in our basement while a tornado blew over. I had just finished making dinner and the boys were outside enjoying an unseasonably warm sunny day playing with their dad. Suddenly the temperature dropped drastically and the tornado sirens started blaring. We hustled everyone and the dog down to our tornado shelter. Then, as if on cue, everyone started shouting, “Mommy, I’m hungry, I’m hungry.” And then the electricity went out. Read More

I LOVE Asparagus

by bkhoury on March 15, 2012

I haven’t purchased asparagus since the hazy days of summer. My kids loved it when I would throw the spears on the grill with some olive oil and sea salt. But the other day there was a small batch of fresh asparagus in the market. My spring fever is running hot. I snatched up a couple bunches and brought them home for asparagus soup and everything else I could put it in. Read More

We Can Do Better Than This

by bkhoury on March 08, 2012

My neighbor asked me the other day if I had seen the article in the New York Times about horrible tooth decay in toddlers. Apparently, they are putting two and three year old kids under general anesthesia to fill all the cavities they have in their mouths. We’re talking twelve at a time. The article goes on to “mention” snacking as a problem but seems to put more emphasis on parents not thoroughly brushing and not having fluoride in water (using bottled water). Uhh, did my parent’s brush my teeth thoroughly when I was little?? Read More

Performance Art at the Table

by bkhoury on March 01, 2012

My two year old has a dinner table M.O. that is quickly becoming tiresome. When we come to the dinner table he promptly looks at whatever we may be having, and puts on a performance worthy of an Oscar. He puts his hands on his head and proclaims in his most dramatic voice, “NO, I don’t want that either!”

Read More

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