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February 2012 Archive:

Out With the Sippy Cups

by bkhoury on February 16, 2012

When Will was a baby, we lived around the corner from Land of Nod and I got sucked into purchasing a $21.00 sippy cup. This was during the BPA scare before the chemical was taken out of most plastics for children. When that one leaked all over and, by the way, also contained at least 10 parts which felt like you needed an engineering degree to put together, I moved onto a similar yet, still expensive contraption. That one was equally disappointing. By kid number two we were on to the two for 5 bucks models. It feels like we have tried them all in the quest for the leak proof sippy cup (which I have yet to find). I’m pretty sure all that money would have been better spent towards our kid’s college fund. Read More

A Birthday Dinner to Remember (by Jennifer Davis)

by bkhoury on February 09, 2012

My kids arrived home from school, took one look at the kitchen and, horrified, gasped, “Mom what happened?”

I’ve never been the tidiest of cooks so my kids aren’t strangers to the sight of a well-used kitchen, but this scene left them gobsmacked. Piles of dishes in the sink teetered precariously high above their little blond heads, powdered sugar footprints covered the floor, chocolate frosting dotted the walls while blobs of vanilla frosting covered the countertop. And that was just dessert -- I’m getting ahead of myself.
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Carb Comfort

by bkhoury on February 02, 2012

A few weeks ago I wrote about the stomach flu that had stampeded through our family. Three days later, my two-year-old Hunter unleashed a very special gift at our local Starbucks (I’m too mortified to go back with him anytime soon). I thought we were in the clear but then he chugged a sugary milk and got a huge tummy ache. For the next few weeks, he was a very picky eater and only wanted things such as bread, plain pasta and crackers. Read More

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