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January 2012 Archive:

The Spice of Life

by bkhoury on January 19, 2012

Over the holidays we had a wonderful family ski trip. Of course after a long day on the slopes the chips and salsa came out as everyone made their way home and congregated in the kitchen. Hunter and Will, along with their 18 month old cousin, loved being the center of attention of their extended family. And they also loved this phenomenon of chips appearing prior to dinnertime. Hunter was sitting at the kitchen bar next to his much revered uncle munching on chips and decided to have some “dip” just like Uncle Neil. Of course this wasn’t the mild stuff I’ve taken to purchasing post kids. This salsa had a little spice. Read More

Kitchen De-Clutter

by bkhoury on January 12, 2012

Prior to the holidays, I tried to cull our toy room of toys which the boys had either outgrown, broken or simply weren’t enamored with to make room for the new. How fortunate we are to so quickly find ourselves overloaded with so many toys. But I find the reality is that less is more. If they have fewer toys, they make better use of the ones they have – using them in creative ways and really utilizing their learning potential. I also thought it would be a great time to take the same philosophy in the kitchen. Read More

Mommy Comforter

by bkhoury on January 05, 2012

There are certain inalienable laws of parenthood. If your baby sleeps through the night you don’t tell a single soul lest the next night they will keep your smugness in check by waking you up at least three times. And you most certainly don’t discuss the stomach flu in a silly blog as the stomach monsters will be smiling down on you seeking their reprisal. Read More

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