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November 2011 Archive:

Let Them Eat Cake?  With Red Die #3

by bkhoury on November 17, 2011

Recently for my two year old’s birthday, I decided, with the strong prodding from my mother in law, to be an overachieving mom and indulge my son in a homemade Thomas the Train cake. I always feel like my younger boy is getting the short end of the stick on stuff like homemade cakes, new clothes and birthday parties. Like many of you with boys, we are all about trains all the time in our house. I decided to really splash out and make him a James cake (Thomas is so last year). For those of you who aren’t familiar with James, he is a gallant bright red train engine. Read More

Newsletter November 10, 2011

by bkhoury on November 10, 2011

Got Boys? Solutions to Fill Them Up - http://eepurl.com/g5b75

This week whip up some of our favorite meat balls made with ground veal and a touch of lemon. Be transported with our chicken coconut curry and satisfy the entire family with our sweet shrimp and rice. Seek comfort in our fast beef bourguignon or oatmeal apple crisp. Get this week's menu or register now!.... Read More

Got Boys? Solutions to Fill Them Up. (by Jennifer Davis)

by bkhoury on November 09, 2011

It never fails. Whenever I pick up my son from a friend’s house, the first comment I get is “I can’t imagine what your grocery bill is. That kid can EAT!” It’s true, I’m raising a serious chowhound. Read More

Citric Acid In Food

by bkhoury on November 03, 2011

Citric acid, at first glance, sounds like something from a car battery. And in fact it is used in many cleaning products to get hard-water and rust stains off. In addition it is a natural preservative found in many of our foods. Read More

Newsletter November 3, 2011

by bkhoury on November 03, 2011

Citric acid, Kid approved fast meat recipes - http://eepurl.com/gTqcz Read More

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