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October 2011 Archive:

Newsletter October 27, 2011

by bkhoury on October 27, 2011

What will you do with your Halloween candy? Fun Halloween meals. - http://eepurl.com/gI23r Read More

Newsletter October 20, 2011

by bkhoury on October 20, 2011

Three things you learned in college to survive family meals - http://eepurl.com/gy0bb Read More

Three things you learned in college to survive family meals (by Jennifer Davis)

by bkhoury on October 19, 2011

By now, we are all familiar with the statistics touting the benefits of the family meal. Studies show that families who make a habit of eating dinner together have kids who do better in school, have higher self esteem, stay away from drugs, make their beds without having to be asked and floss regularly. I exaggerate, but only a little --eating dinner together is important. Read More

What exactly is “Natural Flavoring” in food?

by bkhoury on October 13, 2011

Take a stroll through your refrigerator and pantry and peruse the ingredient lists. Virtually every condiment, canned good, and even spices contain “natural flavoring.” So what exactly is natural flavoring? And if it’s natural why don’t they just list the actual ingredient the flavor is derived from? Read More

Newsletter October 13, 2011

by bkhoury on October 13, 2011

What is "Natural Flavoring" in foods? - http://eepurl.com/grKwX Read More

Power to the (Little) People by Jennifer Davis

by bkhoury on October 05, 2011

When I was a kid, my younger brother went through a phase of only eating broccoli if it was doused in A-1 steak sauce. While the thought of that brown, soggy broccoli still turns my stomach today, I realized that there’s a lesson to be learned here: giving kids a little bit of freedom with their food can make a huge difference at meal time.

Read More

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