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August 2011 Archive:

Newsletter August 25, 2011

by bkhoury on August 25, 2011

Snack attack and fast before school breakfasts - http://eepurl.com/fqIxs
The new Small Helpings has a category called "Lunch Box Meals." You can see our entire meal archive of fast, healthy, kid-friendly meals to pack in your kids lunch box! Get the school year off to a healthy (and stress-free) start with Small Helpings. Sign up now to get 4 weeks free! Use coupon code SCHOOL. Sign up now!
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Snack Attack

by bkhoury on August 25, 2011

Recently my friend commented, “I just can’t believe how much the boys eat!” Honestly, I am still amazed at the amount of food my two garbage disposals are able to put down. Except, that is, for dinner --when the boys have had too much of a good thing for their afternoon snack. Read More

Newsletter August 18, 2011

by bkhoury on August 18, 2011

Back to school special - http://eepurl.com/fjKNI

This week you simply must try our delicious meals including our moist chicken burgers on Italian bread and our light chicken feta and penne pasta. This meal tastes equally good the next day, making it the perfect lunch-box meal or one last summer picnic. If you have never grilled pork loin, give it a try with our grilled pork and corn salsa. So easy, yet so impressive. For lunch, your kids will love our gourmet kiddy pineapple and feta pita pizza, avocado grilled cheese and pinto bean burrito. Get this week's menu... Read More

Animal Instincts

by bkhoury on August 18, 2011

Earlier in the summer when we visited the Grandparents, we took our very spoiled “1st born” dog, Millie, along. She is such a princess puppy that she is even a picky eater. I have never had a dog be a picky eater and it drives me crazy. Especially because I know deep down that I created this prima donna by feeding her home-cooked, organic dog food the first few years of her life – until we had kids and then it was kibble du jour for poor Millie. My in-laws have two dogs that Millie must compete with for food, attention and doggie territory rights.

My point to all this doggie talk is when Millie had to compete for her food she was no longer a picky eater. She would devour every bite of that dog food and swipe the other dog’s dinner as well. I have NEVER seen this pup eat like that. The other morning I noticed the EXACT same phenomenon with the two boys!
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Sounds of satisfaction

by bkhoury on August 11, 2011

Sometimes amidst all of life’s chaos there is simply cuteness. The challenge is to notice it. Last week my husband had come home from a horribly stressful week at work. On Saturday morning as we all sat around the breakfast table rehashing, Ryan detected something peculiar. “Hunter, what are you doing?” Hunter looked up at his Daddy with his big blue eyes as if to say, “What on earth are you talking about?” Read More

Newsletter August 4, 2022

by bkhoury on August 05, 2011

No-Cook Chicken Verde Tacos and This Week's Feeding Tip - http://eepurl.com/e6-ss
This week's menu has some great ways to utilize summer's bounty whether you grow the veggies yourself or pick them up at your local market. Entice your kids to eat their greens with our summer vegetables with bacon. Fried rice is always a favorite in our house. Take the opportunity to fill it full of zucchini. Our ham steak with berries adds a delicious summer twist to a traditionally fall dish. And the Tuscan tomato soup is an even more delicious go-to favorite. This is just a small selection of our easy summer recipes! Summer will be over soon! Eat it up! Get this week's menu... Read More

Bite sized

by bkhoury on August 04, 2011

As Hunter starts to get a little older (and more independent), I find myself becoming not lazy exactly, but a little loosy goosy about how I serve his food. For example, I might try to give him an entire slice of toast or bagel to eat. Or an entire chicken tender to bite. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “The kid should learn how to bite off a simple piece of bagel for heaven’s sake.” Read More

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