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July 2011 Archive:

Newsletter July 28, 2011

by bkhoury on July 28, 2011

The Dinner Dance and Win a Grill Pan! - http://eepurl.com/eY9GE

Are you exhausted by debt ceiling talks, but still can't help wondering if that college savings plan will be worth anything by this time next week? In the spirit of thrift we have plenty of economical and fast recipes to pull your weary soul through. Try our veggie-packed mushroom and sugar snap pea ravioli, our fresh homemade pizza and our sticky pork. Lend comfort with the mashed potato "casserole", banana chocolate oatmeal or raspberry cornmeal pancakes. Enjoy yourself this week! Read More

The Dinner Dance

by bkhoury on July 27, 2011

My 1 ½ year old has recently discovered FREEDOM when sitting down to eat a meal. He has started climbing down from his chair, taking a bite of food, doing a dance, and climbing back up into his chair making sure he somehow rubs his hands or face all over my clothes before beginning the process again. Read More

Newsletter July 21, 2011

by bkhoury on July 21, 2011

Peaches for you! - http://eepurl.com/eSEss

This Week's Menu

This week we're incorporating farm fresh juicy peaches into everything! Put them in oatmeal, saute them over yogurt and try our decadent prosciutto and peach salad. Also make our two ingredient blueberry milkshake to add a smile to your kid's morning (you could also substitute peaches!). Try our no-cook Santa Fe tacos and white bean dip for fun lunches. Our no-miss dinners include rosemary grilled chicken, pork and white beans and our super comforting creamy turkey, rice and vegetable “casserole”. Get this week's menu... Read More

Newsletter July 14, 2011

by bkhoury on July 14, 2011

One-Pot Meals and In-Flight Chaos - http://eepurl.com/eK9Fs

Did you know? We have an entire resource section with Tools of the Trade for suggestions on useful items to help you cook efficiently for your family. You can even link to Amazon to purchase them if you feel inclined. Here's an idea! Refer a friend and earn a $25 gift certificate then treat yourself to a special indulgence! Visit Tools of the Trade now or Register Read More

In-Flight Chaos

by bkhoury on July 14, 2011

We thought we were being clever. We booked ourselves on the 6:55 am flight direct to Minneapolis. Two hours and twenty minutes. Piece of cake. We would wake the boys, bring bananas to fill them up on the car ride to the airport, and they would be back asleep upon take-off. Not quite so fast perky parents. First we got cocky and underestimated the time required to park the car, check and pay for luggage, and get two kids, a dog (yes the dog), a double stroller and ourselves through security. By the time we reached the gate, the plane was boarding. We again thought we were being smart by pre-boarding the plane so as to not disturb anyone – and to get away from the stares at our very own three-ring circus. I didn’t realize how LONG boarding takes! 20 minutes later Will and Hunter started jumping on the seats and I realized that was the first indication of trouble with a capital T. Read More

Newsletter July 7, 2011

by bkhoury on July 07, 2011

Restaurant Rebellion - http://eepurl.com/eENg-/

Did You Know?
You can save all your favorite recipes to your own personal recipe box? Simply click on the HEART icon and the recipe can be accessed under Favorites. This is a convenient way to remember which recipes were a special hit in your home or to remember you want to try that recipe in the future. Choose your favorites now or Register Read More

Restaurant Week Rebellion

by bkhoury on July 07, 2011

For this trip to the Grandparent’s house I decided not to be my usual high maintenance mother, insisting on keeping our set schedules and cooking healthy meals. Instead, I gave the reigns to the Grandparents and let them have the week to spoil their only two grandkids as much as possible. This included a week-long extravaganza of activities, eating out every day and treats galore. After a breakdown (or two), the ambitious grandparents did see the value of afternoon naps for the boys. So we would get up in the morning and eat breakfast then be out the door to start the day’s planned activity. By 11:30 the boys would be on the brink and we would grab some food with the echo “I want mac and cheese!” always present if at a restaurant or at the pool we would hear “I want chips!”. We would rush home and put the junk-food filled boys to bed for naps.
Read More

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