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March 2011 Archive:

Pasta Detox

by bkhoury on March 10, 2011

The past few weeks have been madness around here. And with that, I found myself leaning on pasta for lunches and dinners. We’ve had a babysitter transition and I started fixing a healthy pasta dish in the morning that she could easily feed the kids for lunch. (Until the sitter became accustomed to our schedules while juggling two boys) At least I knew the kids would have full tummies while they were getting comfortable with a new person in their lives. Read More

Ready-Made Rice in a Bag?

by bkhoury on March 03, 2011

I love trying new food that offers a time-saving solution, but I have to admit I have been a slow mover on the ready-made rice in a bag concept. I first saw this curious looking bag of brown mush at Trader Joe’s a few years ago (which by the way is my favorite store and they have since improved the packaging of the brown mush). The concept of pre-cooked rice sitting in a vacuum sealed bag just did not appeal to my sense of good food. I immediately categorized it as ready-made food with all the nutrients sapped out of it and salt and preservatives added. Read More

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