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February 2011 Archive:

Don’t Rush Me Mommy

by bkhoury on February 17, 2011

My younger son Hunter has surprisingly large hands for a little man. I mean at 6 months he could palm a small ball! Even today when he holds my hand I feel like I’m holding my 3 year olds hand. Because of this, he had less fine motor skills as he began eating solid foods. He was also slower to eat solid foods than my first son. Read More

Mommy Madness

by bkhoury on February 11, 2011

The past few days I have become caught up in what I like to call the All-or-Nothing Syndrome. Somehow I convinced myself I need to make Thomas the Train cupcakes for school for Will’s birthday, have a huge party with all the trappings on the weekend, plan a trip to the children’s museum and make elaborate homemade valentines for V-day. I’m getting heart palpitations again just writing this! Read More

The Hidden Logic of Rejection

by bkhoury on February 03, 2011

It is so amazing to me how your kids can tell you so much without saying a word. If you really “listen” to their signals and are in tune to their needs, you realize there often is logic behind their seemingly illogical behaviors. Read More

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