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June 2010 Archive:

Caloric Intake, Protein and Iron

by bkhoury on June 10, 2010

The other day we had a large family meal and everyone at the table was shocked at the amount of food my two boys consumed. It is true. Sometimes Will eats more than my husband. The common thinking was that because they are boys, they will eat more. Then the other day a couple of ladies commented on my eight month old. “Oh what a healthy boy he is.” In other words he’s a chubbo! Read More

Quick Recipes No Matter What

by bkhoury on June 03, 2010

I recently got around to watching the film “Food Inc.” Being in the middle of America’s bread basket, I found it fascinating. We are usually pretty good about avoiding fast food chains, but one has to admit when you are in the car with two kids it is SO easy to go through the drive through. Though I am somewhat proud to say that Will doesn’t like McDonald’s chicken nuggets (I’m under no illusion this phenomenon will last for long). Read More

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