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March 2010 Archive:

Nitrates in Meat

by bkhoury on March 21, 2010

When looking for convenient food to serve, it is difficult to avoid cured meats. From ham to cold cuts to sausage to the good old hot dog, they are everywhere! And let’s face it: They taste good.
In many stores now, one can find foods labeled “uncured” “naturally cured” or “nitrate free.” So what exactly are nitrates and are they bad for you? Read More

Feeding the Strong Willed Child

by bkhoury on March 21, 2010

Our son, although brilliant (or course), is not the most articulate child for his age. So we had him evaluated to make sure that nothing was developmentally wrong. He is ok, but the speech therapist determined that “I think he is extremely strong-willed.” So basically, the bigger deal we make out of him not talking, the more he digs in his heals. It started me thinking how this can affect many behaviors including eating.
Read More

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