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June 2009 Archive:

Summer Travel Tips

by bkhoury on June 19, 2009

Remember when you could go to a restaurant and actually eat your food? When traveling, you have days and days of eating out. So how to survive? We recently got back from a five day trip and I need a vacation from my vacation! After a few break downs (William, not me thankfully) and a miserable plane ride home, of course I came up with a few tips for this new way of life. I hope you can learn from my mistakes! Read More

Encouraging Your Child to Eat Meat

by bkhoury on June 02, 2009

After struggling all this time, I finally had a break through with William these past few weeks. He started gobbling up meat! Ok, so I “doctored” it up a little bit, but we’ve come a long way from the immediate throwing it on the floor rejection scenario. At his 12 month well visit he was border line anemic, so getting enough iron in him through meat has been in the back of my mind a lot. Read More

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