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The Perfect Easy Hamburger. Bren’s Burgers.

by bkhoury on July 03, 2014

The Perfect Hamburger. Bren's Burgers
I wouldn’t want to suggest growing up on a cattle ranch in Nebraska has made me an expert on burgers, but since I was 12 years old it was my job to “throw the burgers on the grill” for many a hungry boy. I have had quite a lot of time to perfect my technique! Read More

Spaghetti Oh Oh’s and Mac and Crack

by bkhoury on November 15, 2012

We were walking through Trader Joes and Hunter picked up a can of what looked like knock-off classic Spaghetti O’s. He asked, “Mommy, what’s this? Can I put it in my cart?” It dawned on me my kids had never experienced the 1980’s staple in kids’ diets. An irrational thought flashed across my mommy brain, “Oh my gosh, my kids haven’t even had Spaghetti O’s! What kind of parent am I?” The can did say organic and it was from Trader Joe’s so I said, “Yes, you can put it in your cart.” Read More

Boo! Halloween Candy Strategies (by Jennifer Davis)

by bkhoury on October 25, 2012

It’s coming. Are you ready? In just a few short days our little ghosts and goblins are going to come running home, eyes glazed over in a sugar-induced high, and shout in amazement, “Mom, look at all this candy!” Read More

Teaching Children to Combat Instant Gratification

by bkhoury on October 11, 2012

You know the routine. The phone rings and suddenly chaos breaks out in the house throwing any appearance that I might actually have my kids under control out the window. Or contending with dinner-time fits as a sudden burst of hunger engulfs little tummies unable to hold it together while dinner is prepared. We are a society of instant gratification. First call. No answer? E-mail. Text. Call again. Is this demanding (to be polite) behavior being passed on to the next generation? Read More

Flavor Embrace

by bkhoury on October 04, 2012

One of my favorite things to do is see how my kids respond to new flavors. I’m not sure why I get such a kick out of it, but it delights me to no end when Will comes home from school raving about how much he loves salad (apparently they had salad for snack –yes I love his school!). Or when something initially seems slightly spicy and he nibbles a bite, takes a big gulp of milk, and then nibbles more, becoming use to the tanginess and craving more of it. Read More

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