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The Small Helpings Story

Small Helpings was born in 2009 when a mom was overwhelmed by cooking her hungry toddler three healthy meals a day.  Founded by Brenda Khoury, Small Helpings began when she decided to start planning her own family’s meals and shared the menus with her busy mom friends.  Word soon spread and Small Helpings became a phenomenon. 

“As my little William started to eat solid foods, I found myself overwhelmed at the prospect of having to cook him three healthy meals a day.  I never had enough time to plan ahead, and when I walked around the grocery store I didn’t know what to buy for him anyway!  I started to purchase pre-made meals.  One day I rushed home and microwaved a frozen meat ball for the starving boy only to discover grease dripping off of it.  ‘I thought to myself, this can’t go on!  There must be a better way!’  I decided to start planning out easy to make meals and shared them with my busy mom friends.  Small Helpings was born! “

“An added benefit as I became more creative with William’s meals is a happier child at meal time.  He had become tired of my go-to foods….a boy can only eat so many avocados!  I started to feel less stressed too, and knew that if we were running late getting home, I had the ingredients and a plan at my fingertips.  Meal time became fun for both of us, experimenting with different tastes and textures.” 

“It makes me feel so good that I am laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating for my children, and that I can help other busy parents realistically do the same for their families.” 

Small Helpings is a kid-focused meal planning service for the entire family.  The subscription service provides five days of customized menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two snacks.  It also provides a customized shopping list, an electronic recipe box, meal archives, a library of resources and a blog.  For about 30 cents a day a family can have access to quick, easy and healthy meals for five days. 

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